TOP 10: The Best Articles Published on The Escola Mais Blog in 2022

The Best Articles Published on The Escola Mais Blog

TOP 10: The Best Articles Published on The Escola Mais Blog in 2022 

With the end of the year getting closer, we look back and remember the special moments we experienced in our daily lives at Escola Mais. Meetings, chats, events, special content, and other inspirations that we try to translate into words and tell these stories to you through our digital channels.

In order not to miss any details and present the main topics shared here on our blog, our team prepared this more than special TOP 10 with the topics shared throughout the year. Check out the list in chronological order!

1. What is Active teaching methodology and how does it apply to Elementary 1?

We started the ranking with content that explains the concepts of active methodologies, which was a hit on our blog in February this year. Protagonism in the learning process, the flipped classroom, the use of technology, the benefits, and the importance of these methods in the school environment were shared in this article, which continues to be very popular. Check out the full content!

2. Education: why does International Women’s Day need to be on the agenda?

In March, we took advantage of International Women’s Day to portray the importance of bringing this and other dates into the daily life of the classroom and within the area of ​​Education.

The objective is to discuss topics that are extremely relevant to society, such as female leadership, respect, and equality. In the content, you will find 10 tips for books written by women for children and teenagers.

3. Escola Mais: Why is contact with technology important?

Opening the doors to different technological solutions is precisely one of Escola Mais’ differentiators. In our units, for example, we reinforce the importance of using it as a tool to enhance learning.

In this article, we show how technology in students’ daily lives at different stages of learning can bring many benefits to their development.

4. High school: the time to decide which career or profession to pursue

In a very special meeting, we chatted live with Gil Pinna on our Instagram profile to talk about one of the most challenging periods for students: high school. To help make the best choice, ensuring that these students feel safe and confident, we have provided some important information in this June article.

5. How do socio-emotional skills impact student development?

The concept has gained more and more strength and has become one of the most talked-about topics in the area of ​​Education, reaching the National Common Curricular Base (BNCC), with the aim of achieving a more human and complete learning model. In this article, we show what these skills are and how they impact student training. Check out!

6. Why is it important to encourage sports at school?

Physical or sporting activities every day are healthy for anyone, but how can sports at school go beyond health and help students’ motor and emotional aspects? In this special content shared in July, we show the main benefits, in addition to presenting the model used in Escola Mais units. Follow along!

7. English at school every day is important for learning

Using English at school every day brings many benefits to students at different stages of the learning process. In this article, we clarify the main doubts for guardians, students, and educators about ways to teach a second language to children and teenagers. Click here and check out the full content!

8. Inclusive education and the importance of diversity in the classroom

School is a place for everyone. To achieve this, it is essential that educational institutions across the country bring an important subject to the debate: inclusive education. See data and insights that show how schools can prepare to promote diversity and combat prejudice. Read more in the article shared in September.

We also spoke about the subject with the journalist, educator, and master’s student in education, Mariana Rosa, during Conta Mais. Watch the live!

9. What is the new High School and how do these changes impact the entrance exam?

You may have already heard about the changes that High School has undergone throughout this year. However, what is the new high school, and how do these changes impact students’ routines? You can find the answer in this article published on our blog at the time of the entrance exam. Check out!

10. How does hands-on teaching promote student development?

We couldn’t close our ranking of best posts without talking about our Maker Lab, right? One of the most successful differences among our students was highlighted in this text published in December, where we explained the importance of hands-on learning in the different learning phases.

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